Making teaching resources digital

ClassMaster makes your existing tests, worksheets and quizzes digital, with automated marking and reporting built-in, allowing you to get back to doing what you do best - teaching!

What Makes ClassMaster Different

As teachers, we know that your time is incredibly precious so we have designed ClassMaster to give you all the benefits of technology in the classroom, without the need to spend hours recreating or finding digital resources.

Smart Converter

We take your paper or computer-based assignments, worksheets or tests and digitise them in 24 hours or less.

Instant Reporting

Reports for each pupil, group and assignment are generated instantly, allowing you to see where students are struggling and intervene.

Powerful Questions

Use a range of smart question and answer types, including text, number, multiple-choice, multiple answer and images.

Simplified Login

Pupils can log in securely by scanning their individual QR code to access and complete their assignments & assessments.

Automated Marking

Our closed-answer question types can be automatically marked and scored upon completion or manually verified without lifting a pen.

Anytime, Anywhere

Use ClassMaster in school or at home on any device with a web browser including iPads, tablets, smartphones, laptops or desktops.


Track Pupil Growth Over Time

Monitor and track pupil performance across every assignment or assessment they complete. Generate reports for individual pupils over the term or look at trends within a topic to help analyse pupil understanding and tailor your teaching accordingly.


    Automated Marking Like Never Before

    All ClassMaster question types have been designed to support automated marking for your closed-answer questions, whilst allowing you to quickly evaluate and give instant feedback on open-ended questions.

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    Less Marking, More Inspiring

    Teachers using ClassMaster have seen a dramatic reduction in the time spent marking and monitoring their pupils' assignments, assessments and homework.
    When using ClassMaster with only one lesson per day, our trial teachers have saved on average:

    60 mins

    per day

    5 hours

    per week

    7 days

    per term

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    Designed For Differentiation

    With customisable class groups, teachers can easily assign differentiated tasks & activities to whole classes, groups or specific pupils, in order to meet the needs of each individual learner and enhance their learning experience.

    Digital Assignments and Assessments in Three Simple Steps

    With ClassMaster, the process of making your existing teaching resources digital has never been quicker or easier!


    Snap or scan your paper-based resources or locate your original PDF's, documents, spreadsheets or images.


    Upload the images or files directly to ClassMaster and we'll convert them into sets of digital questions and answers.


    In 24 hours or less, your assignments or assessments will be in your account, ready to assign to your classes or groups.

    ClassMaster is Cross-Platform

    ClassMaster has been designed and built to run everywhere. There are no time-consuming app downloads or complicated app stores. Simply navigate to cm.school in your browser and you're good to go.

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    Any Class. Any Subject.

    ClassMaster can be used with any class or subject, whether primary or post-primary, from daily spellings tests and worksheets through to formal assessments and examinations and everything in-between. Simply upload your existing resources and let ClassMaster do the rest.

    Security Taken Seriously

    The ClassMaster platform has been built with enterprise-grade security and industry best practices to ensure that your data remains secure at all times. You will retain ownership of any personal information uploaded to the platform; it's that simple.

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    What Our Teachers Are Saying

    ClassMaster is currently being trialled in Primary and Secondary schools across the UK and Ireland. There's no one better to tell you about the benefits of using ClassMaster than our incredible team of trialists.

    Simple and quick!

    I've been using ClassMaster for my daily spellings and maths tests for more than a year now. ClassMaster saves me over 30 minutes per day and I honestly can't imagine going back to marking my daily tests by hand.

    Mr C - P5 Teacher

    I love ClassMaster!

    I love getting the instant results - I can instantly see which ones I got right and wrong instead of having to wait for the teacher to mark them. I love ClassMaster.

    James - P7 Pupil

    Every school should have it!

    I think your app is so good every school should have it. It is good because writing the daily test makes my hand hurt. When you get a question wrong you can go to the results and see your mistake which is really good.

    Oscar - P6 Pupil

    Simply fantastic!

    The concept of Classmaster, its ease of use & functionality coupled with the instant, data-rich feedback that it gives us as teachers is simply fantastic!

    Mrs K - P7 Teacher

    It's magic!

    I take a picture of my worksheets, upload it to ClassMaster and they do the rest. It's magic! I log in the next day and my worksheets are online and ready to be taken by my class.

    Mr S - Geography Teacher

    ClassMaster is the best!

    I like ClassMaster because you can do your classwork on any electronic device. I love doing my homework at night on my iPad. Thank you for making ClassMaster for us.

    Sophie - P6 Pupil

    Unlock The Full Power Of ClassMaster

    With ClassMaster Pro you can finally take back your breaktimes, lunchtimes, evenings and weekends by letting ClassMaster handle your marking, scoring, tracking and reporting. Who said you can't buy time?

    ClassMaster Monthly

    • 75 automated conversions
    • Unlimited assignments/assessments
    • Unlimited classes/groups
    • Enhanced automated marking/reporting
    • Priority email & WhatsApp support
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    ClassMaster Annual

    • 1000 automated conversions
    • Unlimited assignments/assessments
    • Unlimited classes/groups
    • Enhanced automated marking/reporting
    • Priority email & WhatsApp support

    Note! Prices may vary depending on location due to local
    taxation laws and conversion rates from GBP.

    Have Questions? Look Here

    Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about ClassMaster. For more questions and answers, check out our FAQs page or get in touch via the link below.

    Absolutely! We are building the ClassMaster platform with help and feedback from our trialists in schools across the UK and Ireland. If you are a teacher in the UK or Ireland and would like to trial ClassMaster for free in your school, in return for your honest feedback, please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' section or by registering your interest below. In light of the recent school closures due to COVID-19, we are extending the free trial period until the end of the 2019/20 academic year.

    This really is the secret sauce that sets ClassMaster apart from all other educational technology tools currently on the market. By using a combination of artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing technologies, combined with our expert team of ClassMaster converters, we can breathe new life into your existing resources and bring your teaching and learning into the 21st century.

    Every industry outside of education has seen the incredible benefits that technology can bring when used to its full potential. ClassMaster has been designed and developed by real teachers to help address the key challenges they've faced in making better use of technology in the classroom. We believe that for any tool to be truly successful in classrooms, it must be quick and easy for the teacher to set up and integrate into their daily teaching. An important part of this is being accessible on any device without the need for slow or complicated app installations. The tool must also be flexible enough to support a wide range of teaching materials and resources. By letting ClassMaster take care of their marking and analysis, our trial teachers have been able to reduce their time spent on paperwork by up to 5 hours per week, whilst also increasing their pupils' engagement and improving their educational outcomes.

    We understand that the technology landscape varies greatly between schools across the UK & Ireland. In order to support as many classrooms as possible, ClassMaster has been developed as a web application, meaning it can run on virtually any device with a web browser, including iPads, tablets, Chromebooks, laptops and desktop computers. Whilst one device per pupil is ideal, ClassMaster has a number of features to help teachers with fewer devices get all the same incredible benefits. By assigning questions to classes or groups, the pupils can log in at any stage during the day and complete them. Questions such as spellings also include automatic voiceover functionality to allow the pupils to complete them independently. If you would like more information on how ClassMaster can be used in classrooms with limited technology, please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' section.

    Absolutely! ClassMaster works just as well at home as it does in the classroom. Your pupils can log in to complete assignments and assessments or view their results from any device with a web browser. With ClassMaster's smart scheduling functionality, you can easily assign homework to your class ahead of time and have it automatically marked and reported on before you even get your first cup of coffee the next morning. As a teacher, you can manage your class and monitor their results in realtime from anywhere, even at home, however, we do not recommend this as you deserve to have a life too! 🙂

    Still have a question? Contact us here